debian-ports.org is currently hosted in Canada, you may want to use a mirror if you live far from this country. You will find below a probably incomplete list of mirrors.

ftp.de.debian.org DE http, ftp, rsync Yes No All
ftp.kr.debian.org KR http, ftp, rsync Yes No All
debian.advalem.net FR http, ftp, rsync Yes Yes All
mirrors.fe.up.pt PT http, ftp, rsync No Yes All
debian.nctu.edu.tw TW http, ftp, rsync Yes No All
opensource.exmeritus.com US http, rsync Yes No All

Mirroring script

We recommend to use this script to mirror the archive. Follow the directions in the script to set up mirroring.

Push mirrors

Request the ssh public key and activation in the archive software to ftpmaster@debian-ports.org.